Who is DeLorean?| Is DeLorean A SCAMMER?

Who is DeLorean?| Is DeLorean A SCAMMER?



Elijah DeLorean Johnson

Self proclaimed entrepreneur, songwriter and businessman Elijah “DeLorean” Johnson, is under some intense fire from recent articles and  social media platforms as being a SCAMMER!

Before we begin, let me state a few things. In no way am I affiliated with Mr. Elijah Johnson. I can only write on what reports have shown to be true as well as video confession.

Who is DeLorean?| Is DeLorean A SCAMMER?

According to the Huffington Post, Rip-off reports,Fedarro Noel, and several others He is.

Watch this quick video as DeLorean openly admits to hacking and stealing music from upcoming singer and songwriter Fedarro Noel which he sold as his own on Itunes and Google Play.


Fedarro Response to this situation:

Anonymous Message To DeLorean:

Kountry Wayne Replies:

After watching this video I was truly shocked… along with other allegations of using social media as his weapon of choice, to reach over 70 million users.  Apparently the evidence seems kind staggering against this young man.  With a long list of allegations including: copyright infringement, violent threats, and running business scams, DeLorean was forced to end his business relationship with a roadside assistance company named “Motor Club Of America better known as “MCA”, after an internal investigation that was directing customer payments into his own personal accounts versus company accounts and has apparently started a new business with “TOTAL LIFE CHANGES” also know as “TLC”.  Apparently there seems to be some truth to the allegations as media outlets have made his scam public, and the hacking group “Anonymous” as even issued a warning against is actions. A law firm that DeLorean impersonated is also pursuing legal actions against him.

It has even gone so far as a Facebook Fan page has been dedicated specifically to his actions.  See it here=>https://www.facebook.com/pages/DeLorean-Exposed-Evidence/466975873454805

Even the authority site Huffington Post has written an article dedicated to DeLoreans’ actions.

Being that as it may, I can only hope that people are not misguided into thinking that all online entrepreneurs involve themselves in actions like this.  Being able to build a thriving business online has it’s own challenges, but for people to participate in such heinous and heartless acts towards other people is just plain wrong!

Although I personally do not know DeLorean based off the information I read I wouldn’t want to! I know sometimes people say any publicity is good publicity, but not when innocent people are being hurt financial and morally!

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