Video Marketing…Does it Help?

Video Marketing…Does it Help?video marketing


Video Marketing… the very thing to take your business to new levels no matter what business it is.  You have heard this before. So why aren’t most people doing videos?

It’s only one word that can describe it…FEAR! Silly isn’t. Honestly is natural to be afraid of doing videos. Most people fear judgement, being teased, laughed at etc.. The social opposition is a major factor in why most people don’t succeed with the very thing that can accelerate their business.

The truth is this… In order to reach more people, they NEED to see you. So I am only going to really say this the best way I can.. MOVE PAST THE FEAR! 

So with that being said let’s take a look at some examples of good videos.

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So those are just some of the videos I have.  I have created hundreds, the point is I too was nervous about putting myself out there, but I had to move past that fear. As a result my business has increased tremendously because people can see who I am.  I show me and what’s in my heart.  I have even been able to create a over the shoulder training for people that I do with them one on one.  That is the beauty of doing videos.  Now just some quick tips on videos…

Quick Video Tips

  • Don’t get discouraged with your first video. No one comes out the gate being an expert in video marketing.  You may have to do more than one take, no worries there.
  • Speak from the heart ( most people can tell through body language and tonality is you are being genuine in your video, so just be you.)
  • Entertain ( you have about 6-9 secs to grab the attention of the person watching you video, make it engaging.
  • Get your point across( make sure you are sharing something of value, whether it is your lifestyle, a training, etc..)
  • Call to action( tell the person watching the video what you want them to do)
  • Leverage others in you video( if you have access to team members videos etc. use it in your video to build confidence in your audience)

Video Marketing Editing


I can get deep on this topic but I will keep it somewhat short.  The entire purpose of editing your video is for the “eye catching formula”.  Meaning grabbing the attention. There are tons of things you can do, add intros, outros, text, hotspots, images, etc.. Just make sure what ever you do you are catching the attention of the person watching it.

  • Some software that I use is Camtasia Studio, even Youtube has video editing capability.  For special images flying text etc.
  • Presenter Media has an excellent selection of things you can customize to give your video that professional touch.  Now since I don’t use an expensive camera crew and have a professional team of video editors( I will soon).  I do all my editing and producing myself which is not really hard, and I can actually show you how to do those things in my coaching I offer, but that is for a different discussion. If you are interested in coaching packages you can simply email me stating that.  [CONTACT_FORM_TO_EMAIL]


Hope you got some value, feel free to reach out to me!