Thoughts on Rejection

Thoughts on Rejection

“The first cause of failure occurs when new network marketers listen to
people who don’t know what they’re talking about. The second cause of failure
results from their NOT listening to those of us who do know what we’re talking
about. Let me give you an example. It’s just human nature that when we get
excited about something, we want to share it with others. Whether it’s a new
flavor of ice cream or a business opportunity, it doesn’t really matter—we want to
share it, especially with the people we most care about. That’s fine with ice
cream, or a good movie, but it’s not right to share this business with anyone until
you’re completely trained and knowledgeable about our company. Why?
Because the primary cause of failure in our profession stems from people getting
excited about the tremendous earnings potential and then charging out to tell
their closest friends and relatives before having the slightest idea how to do our
business. It is critical that you not say anything to anyone until we have taught
you a successful approach.

Friends and Family

If you begin talking to your relatives and friends about this industry, most of them
are going to tell you that you’ve lost your mind. And even though you think you’ve
got all the facts, even though you know the truth about the earnings potential,
and even though your friends, neighbors and relatives know nothing, they will still
tell you you’re an idiot. And if you have ten or twenty people in a row question
your sanity, especially people you know and love, you will give up before you
begin. So don’t even attempt to sell your spouse on the opportunity: simply get
him or her back here for a presentation, as soon as possible.
I know you think you’re strong enough to avoid being influenced by people whom
you know are completely ignorant about our company. Everybody thinks that.
And let’s say that you are….let’s say that even if twenty friends and relatives
reject you and tell you you’re an imbecile, you do not collapse under the weight
of their negative attitudes. The real problem is this: Once they’ve told you not to
get involved, even if you later skillfully prove them wrong and answer every one
of their concerns, they will not sign up! Remember, once they’ve ridiculed you for
getting into MLM, they cannot afford to sign up themselves because that’s
tantamount to admitting their own foolishness. And in this era, many folks are
more interested in “impression management” than in taking responsibility for their
own lives and creating financial independence and time freedom.
So until you’ve been signed up, made a commitment, and been trained
professionally, DO NOT, and I mean this empathetically, DO NOT approach your
friends, relatives, or even your spouse with this business until we have taught
you how to share this information with them. Some of your very best “warm
market” recruits, will never join you, no matter how successful you become, if you
approach them improperly. Years of experience have taught us that the single
largest cause of failure results from listening to people who don’t know what they
are talking about.

The Problem
Here’s the problem: New prospects? Friends and family don’t know anything
about your company or the business of networking. And in their ignorance they
are certain it must be a scam. Until you are involved financially, they sense you
are not really committed. So they will do everything in their power to “save you”
from making a big mistake. When you say “Hey everybody, I’m getting ready to
open a new restaurant,” you can count on the response: “Are you sure you want
to do that? I’ve heard most start ups go under.” However, once you have already
made the investment, your family and friends will do everything in their power to
support you in your new venture. When you say “Hey everybody, I’ve just opened
a new restaurant,” the response will likely be “Oh, good for you. When can we
Rejection by family and friends is by far one of the challenges in network
marketing. But you can only change their attitudes by changing your own. After
you’ve elevated your own self-esteem and confidence level, only then will you be
able to help others elevate theirs. (Often altering their opinions, strengthening
your family’s support or interest, and opening doors to your friends and
We wrap up our business presentation by discussing the second cause of
failure: Not listening to those who DO know what they are talking about. If any of
you do decide to sign up and become my frontline associates, you must also be
willing to duplicate exactly what I teach you. This business is totally different from
traditional business, and if you are going to sign up and then try to reinvent the
wheel you’re going to fail. So promise me you’ll follow our system or, frankly, I’d
rather have you not even sign up. Fortunately we are in an experienced
organization, and we know what we’re doing. Your first ninety days are critical,
and we start the clock today as you begin your decision making.”

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