Reverse Commissions Review| Before You Join…



Hey there welcome to my  Reverse Commissions Review....


There has been some buzz about this company, so I decided to investigate what it is all about…

Chances are you were approached on social media and now you are here to do your due diligence to make sure that the business opportunity is actually legit right?

Well, first of all great news!

You are doing your research instead of just  jumping into it.

The people who blindly jump in get burned most of the time and wonder why they lose money,as they don’t do research before joining.

So because you are here, you will know for sure.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join or not

Find out if it’s legit or a scam!


Lets See the Company 

 CEO:Dale Payne Sizer

Co-Founder: Calvin Harvey


Pre-Launch Date:12th December,2016

Projected Launch Date: 1st Jan. 2017


Payment Processors: Payza , First Data, Stripe, Solid Trust Pay, PayPal, Bitcoin  or any other way you choose

Minimum Deposit: 25(member to member payment)

Referral Commission:100% commission paid direct to you


Compensation Overview Video


Reverse Commissions  – The Products

At first glance it looks as if  there are no retail products or services in Reverse Commissions, but the ability for affiliates to promote the actual membership only.  But this is definitely a completely incorrect assumption. The products provided are high quality digital products that give the in’s and out’s of building a successful business.

Once you join, Reverse Commissions members can receive  $25 to $500 to the affiliate who referred them.


Bundled with each payment is what shows below:


Personal Branding E-Course & Blogging Platform

Starter ( $ 25)

Personal Branding

A-Z To Brand Yourself


Blogging Platform


Basic ( $ 100)

Business Automation E-Course & Email Marketing Platform

Business Automation

How to Run Your Business on Complete Autopilot


Social Media Mastery

Advanced  ( $ 250)

Social Media Domination

YouTube Marketing

Google Plus Marketing

Snapchat Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Instagram Marketing


Digital E-Business

Elite ( $500)

Run Your own Digital Business

Professional done for You high converting sales Pages

You can sell Your Own products “coaching”



Alright, now you know about the affiliate membership…

Let’s take a look at the compensation plan…


Reverse Compensation Plan

In Reverse Commissions Compensation plan, affiliates pay $25 to $500 to the member who referred them.

Once this payment is made, you can now receive payments from your personally enrolled members.

Also you pass your 2nd and 4th Sale to your upline and keep the rest

Once this happens, all further members sponsored must pass up their second payment to their personal sponsor.

These payments are made across 4 tiers with the higher levels automatically qualify an affiliate to receive payments across the lower levels.

When you make a payment of $500, this qualifies an Reverse Commissions affiliate to earn across ALL 4 tiers of the compensation plan, That is you will get money from someone who will join at the $25, $100, $250 and $500 levels with only one time payments no need to join every level

When you do come at the $500 level, you bypass the pass up part of the compensation plan…

There is also a part B to the compensation plan that makes it even more powerful than the first part.

Incorporating both features of this compensation plan into one has made it one of the most powerful compensation plans in existence online!


You can also watch an “official”  video below to know how the compensation plans works


Cost To Join Reverse Commissions

The affiliate membership in Reverse Commissions costs anywhere between $25 to $500   and a 10% admin fee.

The only difference between the payments is the income potential…



Why Should You Join Under Me…..

I have extensive experience in building online businesses like Reverse Commissions, and because of that experience I have been able to create a fantastic multiple 6 figure lifestyle that allows me to focus on helping new people as well as people who have struggled time after time to finally earn a good income online.  My focus has and will always be those that really truly desire to have more out of life and are willing to participate in their own success with following simple instructions.

Reverse Commissions Company provides free traffic rotator at all levels, but I have also created a team system that provides additional assistance to help you generate traffic, leads and potential sales.


See some of the testimonials:


Reverse Commission rotator

$25 – Starter: 1 Spot in the Rotator

$100- Basic:  2 Spots in the Rotator

$250 – Advanced:  3 Spots in the Rotator

$500 – Elite: 4 Spots in the rotator



We  also have Our Private Facebook Group where you will be added after you sign up here and add me on Facebook so that we can add you and place you in the rotator…and provide you with more trainings on how to get more sign ups as you should not solely depend only on rotator.

The other thing you should note here is that this is a member to member payments so you will be sending and receiving commissions direct from your team members so mostly of the popular payments processors are PayPal,Payza and Solid Trust Pay but you can add as much on your choice.  Here is a quick training on how I receive payments through PayPal:


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Here are my  results on day 1  check it out



If you have any question I would like you to connect with me on Facebook or email me at

Wish you much Success in this year and welcome you in our team!!!!!