Novae Life Business Review- Is Novae Life Legit?

Novae Life Business Review- Is Novae Life Legit?

In December 2014 Novae Life opened its doors.  In reality there are a ton of new network marketing companies launching every single month. So what makes Novae any different than the rest. Well in this unbiased review I will reveal the facts of Novae Life. If you prefer a more biased opinion you can visit the company website –

Before you read this Novae Life review I want you to keep in mind I’m not involved with this company, I have no relation to their products. However, I been researching MLM companies for a while and my goal in this review is to provide you with facts and information so you can decide if this company is a fit for you.

Novae Life Business Review- Is Novae Life Legit?

Novae was created by Reco McDaniel along with Justin Owens and Carlton Calhoun. I traced Reco and Justin to their previous deal which was Wake Up Now another MLM company that took off in 2012.  But unfortunately Wake Up Now had to close it’s doors, while leaving it’s distributors unpaid! I guess they decided to create their own company instead of just being distributors.

Most MLM companies don’t make it past their 3rd year and some don’t even last 12 months. Novae offers personal growth and self-development training and resources as part of their product line. They are not a lot of MLM companies left that are strictly in the personal growth industry, in fact most of the top MLM companies int the personal development industry that were really big a few years ago are completely gone today.


So let’s see what Novae Life has to offer:



  • Education Pack: $199.95 + $39.95/month (Customers Only) – Package includes Financial Literacy Manual, Monthly Teleseminars/ Webinars, Financial Budgeting Tool, Debt Elimination Software, Access to Financial Education Videos, Complimentary Credit Education.
  • Inspiration Pack: $49.95/month – Package includes Monthly Motivational Audios, Weekly Motivational Emails, BiWeekly Success Coaching Videos, VIP Access to Online Personal Growth Video Library, Access to Member Savings Center, Discount to Blueprint Events, Discounts on Novae Store Products.

  • Opportunity Pack: $199.95 + $49.95/month – Package includes Inspiration Pack, Education Pack, 1st month of Inspiration Pack FREE


Pretty cool products right? If you can’t find any motivational videos, webinars or books on Youtube, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million etc.. that is! Remember I said I would be unbiased, just the facts.


So what is the actual product besides motivating you? I suppose you can motivate others when they buy all your motivation.

While studying the compensation plan I noticed that other than an override bonus the Novae pay plan is in fact very similar to Wake Up Now, which basically means this guys basically created an improved version of the Wake Up Now compensation plan, you can see it for yourself below:



(You can enlarge by clicking on the image)

Now some reading at this point may think I am bashing or talking bad about Novae.  Definitely not.. company bashing doesn’t give you honesty.  Personally I like the message that Novae gives of personal development, it’s a message I preach daily.

I guess the real question is whether or not you’ll find people willing to spend $199+$50 per month for personal development training courses?

So in conclusion, it’s only been roughly 7 months and too early to say whether Novae Life would be considered a legit business or scam. I have friends who are apart of Novae some like it, some claim they aren’t making the money they were promised.  Regardless Novae is here!

In any case, what I can suggest is that before you join Novae, you definitely want to research who you will join. Just because it maybe hot now, without a proven track record I would wait at least 12-18 months before joining.

Novae Life Business Review- Is Novae Life Legit?


If you are in a position to make a decision in joining an ESTABLISHED business TODAY, you should look for these things.

Product –Warren Buffet(multi-billionaire) Said it best” The things you like should be a hobby, the things the world does should be your business”. So what does the world do?

Compensation Plan – Having a great “comp plan” for the independent business owners is the next crucial part in finding a good network marketing company as you obviously in it for this reason.

The compensation plan needs to be aggressive and have the ability to pay you several different ways, weekly,monthly,lifestyle,etc… How many ways would you like to get paid from one company?

Marketing Education Plan – When you see a MLM company that provides the resources and education to properly market the given business that is when you know it is a great network marketing business!  The marketing plan should be simple enough where you can win and your team.  How could you benefit your team more in a MLM company?

Once you have asked and answered those few questions…