My Motivation

 My Motivation 

Many people have asked me “Why do you do what you do”? Honestly that is a long-winded answer. There are several reasons. My #1 reason is to show my children that anything is possible when you put your mind to it, and you don’t have to rely on someone to create your reality.

#2 To show people that you don’t need to posses any special talents and skill that you can’t learn to achieve a result that you really want. The sad part of this is that there are only so many people who will really dig deep into what they really want out of life.  Why?  I wish I could answer that question. The only “reason” I have come up with is FEAR!

I was also in that boat at one time.  I had a fear of rejection, fear of failure, and I didn’t even know but I had a fear of success as well.  I had to move past all that old brainwashing that we all go through about not being able to change life how you want it to be.  In fact the moment i made a decision in life to move past that way of thinking was the moment things started to change for me in my life.  No it didn’t happen overnight and it takes work, but it is happening as you read this right now.  The things I have been able to do have just been amazing.  Getting my time back, living where I want when I want, doing what I want etc… Can You imagine a life like that?


In life I found that you NEED mentors. You need people that you can model if you want to achieve what those people have.  I’m not saying to copy them exactly, but copy the mindset they have.  Here are a few people I model and respect very much.

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These people have made a tremendous impact in my life and businesses and honestly had I not followed and mentored them chances are I would still be stuck mentally.

You MUST change your mindset in order to create whatever result in life you want its really that simple. The moment you believe in yourself and a result you want, you will achieve it. I could explain it getting all metaphysical on you but I will keep it simple.  The stronger you belief the more action you will take, and it’s just that simple.  So for the people I mentor I tell them a few things to do that I charge for, but I will give it to you for free.

  1. Set a goal in present day for but at least 90 days from where you are now, write it down in the first person.
  2. Listen to and audio or read a book daily for at least 30 minutes to an hour
  3. Create a vision board and take 10 minutes and look at all the things you desire daily.
  4. Take massive action in your business daily, create written content, videos, etc…
  5. Look at the results you are getting and make changes accordingly
  6. Do not get attached to make a sale( remove all personal emotion to selling and never take business personally)
  7. Surround yourself around people who think the same way you do( you will be surprised what happens when you are around successful people)
  8. If there is an event you can get to, GET THERE. Events are crucial to your success. For example( I will be in Atlanta May1st-3rd at an event for one of the businesses that I have)

When you apply this in your life daily you will be surprised what happens, it’s almost as if life just starts to hand you things that you never expected.

Most importantly enjoy your life and be grateful for everyone and everything.

Hope you received some value and contact me for more tips, training or if you want one-on-one  [CONTACT_FORM_TO_EMAIL]





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