Is Multi Level Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?


Is Multi level Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

Is he really earning that kind of money? Is that really her house? How do they earn so much money? This is FAKE!! This is a SCAM!…   I have heard all of these kinds of comments on a daily basis. It doesn’t bother me nor do I really care what other people think. So is multi-level marketing a scam?

Well I guess it really depends what you believe or what you have been taught.  Most people today have been taught the following: SCHOOL,HARD WORK,GET A JOB, etc… But let’s just think about this for a second. Who says that is the correct way?

When most people think about pyramid schemes they think about some friend they know that maybe struggles in their business, or family member, or some guy or lady inviting you over to sell you something, etc… Right? I even used to think about it that way so I know some one else does…and that is the REAL issue.


 Is Multilevel Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

So, in short the answer is definitely… NO it is not a scheme, however it is a pyramid!

Just like your job, the government, churches, big corporations, mom and pop shops.

The only difference between a multi level marketing pyramid and your job pyramid,

is with the multi level marketing pyramidYOU are always on the top!”  Depending

where you are currently work, ask yourself a question when was the last time you

spent time with the founder of the company, is he or she teaching you anything to

help you gain more wealth? or are you just another non essential number in the

creation of their wealth?  So before asking if multi level marketing/network marketing

is a scheme, you should be asking will you ever be the CEO of your job? Will you

ever earn what the CEO earns?  If the answer is NO maybe you are apart of the

biggest pyramid scheme in todays’ society.




6 Reasons Why You Should  NOT Join A MLM/Network Marketing Company 

#1. If you believe that YOU should not have to invest in yourself to earn the income you want-DO NOT JOIN!

#2. If YOU believe that YOU will become successful overnight- DO NOT JOIN!

#3. If YOU have never finished anything and are a natural quitter-DO NOT JOIN!

#4. If YOU rely on other people to tell you what to do/not a self starter-DO NOT JOIN!

#5. If YOU are afraid of rejection, and have fear of failure.- DO NOT JOIN!

#6. If YOU don’t want a better life for your family, you are comfortable with struggle, and you enjoy living paycheck to paycheck- DO NOT JOIN!

Why Do So Many Fail in MLM/ Network Marketing? 

The statistics say that 97% fail in mlm/networkmarketing. That’s is true to an extent. e.g. Let’s say you have 100 people in a room in mlm/network marketing, of those 100 people 3 people are going to give it everything they have to succeed, the others will have excuses why they can’t do this or that, work, kids, life, comfort zones,fear  etc… The statistics are not based off the 3% that actually do what is necessary to succeed. So it is said that 97% fail, when the truth  is only 3% do what it takes to WIN!  100% of the 3% win.

The wealthiest and most successful people in the world like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and thousands of other would not openly endorse MLM/Network Marketing, if it would potentially ruin their multi-billion dollar enterprises. While some choose to listen to their families who have never made a million, maybe not even 6 figures per year, instead of listening to the billionaire…call me crazy but I will listen to the billionaire.

Not only that, most don’t have a plan to help others succeed. They don’t have their own vision. So I have created a system to help everyone win. Why should you listen to me? Well currently at the time of this blog post in have achieved much success in network marketing, as of right now I am currently in the top 6% and climbing to top 1% inside our business. Take a look at how I can help you, click the button below.





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