How to Get More Leads and Sales Online

How to Get more leads and sales online

How to Get More Leads and Sales Online

Are you wondering how to get more leads and sales online? I’m pretty sure you do, well

especially if you are searching for an article based around it. It is really not as difficult as it may seem, well

when you utilize the right tools that is. More leads equals more sales period.  I’m sure you can agree with

that statement.  That is why there is still today such a demand of creating more informational products

based around this subject.  But before we go into a strategy or two that you can implement today and start

generating more leads.

Let’s talk about intent.


What Is Your Intention?

You may not think so, but the intention is very important.  It should be more than just creating sales,

ultimately your purpose should be bigger than just YOU.  In doing so, you want to actually help other

people by giving them something or positioning them to solve their problem.  Honestly that is what

marketing really is, “a solution to a problem”.  So that should be your true intent… well if you are a stand up

person that operated with integrity that is.  Once you have identified an issue in your niche’, offer a free

solution at first.  Now you might be thinking, well Eric if I give away the solution for free…how do I get



This is where the natural Law of Reciprocity come in.  When you unselfishly give you are rewarded by making

an impact in someone else’s life.  For example, I know there are many people who struggle creating sales

and leads online.  I am offering a solution in this blog post to help solve that issue.  In fact, here is a tool of

knowledge that you can use to find out exactly how $29,000 was created in 30 Days Using Nothing But

Facebook.  Would that be value information for someone building their business on Facebook? Well of

course it would.


The Strategies

So we will focus on just a couple of strategies that I have used that are very effective.

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Blogging

The reason I want to focus on these two is because once you understand the power of these three you may

start generating more leads and sales as early as today.

(Disclaimer) Obviously I have no idea who you are and what your work ethic is.  You may not even read the

rest of this post, so therefore I can not guarantee that anything will happen for you at all.  BUT… I have

used these strategies and they have worked for me.



The great thing about Facebook is just the size of the community, billions of users are on at even given

time.  BUT! Targeting the right people are very important.  I see a lot of times people just post on there

timeline or in groups expecting sales to just roll in.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way at all.  You

might get a sale or two but nothing that is scalable to be considered a business.  I want you to think about

something really quick before we go into this.   Think about McDonald’s, everyone knows McDonald’s even

if you don’t like or eat their food.  They are on every corner you can just about think of in your city.  Now

McDonald’s could have just made a few flyers, sold a few cheeseburgers and they would have done well,

word of mouth would have gotten around and they could have had small success.  BUT they didn’t!


McDonald’s has grown as a franchise all over the world and why?  ADVERTISING!  They advertised on a

daily consistent basis to create more and more sales. So now that you can see where I am going with this,

you too have to think and operate like a business does, by advertising your business using Facebook ads.


Quick example… Look at this screenshot of an interest I selected:


how to get more leads and sales online

In just the Untied States alone, Men and Women between the ages of 18-65 that speak english, there is a

potential 7.6 million people who would be interested in personal development.  I know you have probably

seen Tony Robbins post on your news feed somewhere, right?  This is not accident if you have. His

marketing team knows exactly who to target based of their research in Facebook ads.


Now just think about you for a minute.  Does your niche’ have a fairly large audience on Facebook?  Could

you possibly use Facebook ads to get your information out to thousands and tens of thousands of people?

ABSOLUTELY!  Would you have to chase friends, family, etc to generate leads and possible sales? NO. You

wouldn’t.  If you run that ad properly in Facebook it will surprise you how inexpensive it really is to get

across thousands of people.   For example: Here is a screenshot of an ad I ran back in May testing an


how to get more leads and sales online

As you can see I spent $20 on the ad spend got across 7,728 people and 2,873 engaged the Facebook ad.

Not a bad $20 investment.  Here is another quick Facebook ads tip.  I would recommend starting by

advertising you Facebook page for likes first, reason being this gives you an audience of people who like

your page.  Then run ads based on interest etc…. Good chance if people liked your page, they will also like

the information you are giving in your niche’ selection. Do you think that could help you get more leads

and sales online?



I talked about video marketing a lot to my teams and different people I coach, and the response is almost

always the same. “I am Horrible at videos”.  Well my friend, there is only one thing I can really say to that.

GET OVER IT!  YouTube is an awesome platform to get out in flow of an audience of people that are

interested.  Here is one of my video for example:


how to get more leads and sales online

As you can see this video has over 33,256 views, that’s not even major or considered to be viral.  But I know

33,000 people saw this video.  The funny thing is I still get phone calls daily just from this 1 video.  The

intention of this video was to show people that earning large income online was possible, by showing proof.


You might be thinking , “Eric, you have results to show in that video, I don’t have a large enough result or

any result.”  Here is the truth,yes… showing results is always good but you don’t always have to show

results.  You can literally do a video about anything people maybe interested in.  Show a strategy that you

learned, a book you read, etc…  Video is a very good way to get in front of people, and it helps build almost

an instant rapport.  Just a quick tip with YouTube.   Social influence is major when it comes to YouTube so

you need views.  One thing you can do that is inexpensive, is when you upload your video to YouTube, leave

it unlisted and get views to it.  You can do this organically or you can pay for views.  If you rather pay for

views, go to and search for you tube views.  This will cost you $5 depending on the amount of

views.  I would suggest around 2-3K views.  When the views are there ,then make your video public.  Here is

why.  YouTube and Google do not see your video until it is public, when they do see it and it has views it

actually helps in ranking.  I did the same with the video above and it just took of by itself after 2k views.  Of

course there is YouTube PPV as well, but that is another blog for another day by itself.  So if thousands of

people saw your video… Do you think that could help you get more leads and sales online?



A quote by Grant Cardone via Facebook post:

Now why would super successful Grant Cardone state that “EVERYBODY” should be blogging? Maybe

because it works.  Let’s think about this for a minute, many do not like to blog or create content because it

can be time-consuming, unless you have a passion for what you are writing about.  As you can tell probably

by now that my passion is helping people like you finally start seeing some results online, mainly because I

remember how difficult it was before I knew any of this.  I struggled so bad trying to figure it all out, until I

invested in a mentor to show me what to do and how to do it.

So let’s just pick a topic really quick:

View post on

Now I know nothing about woodworking, but apparently it has been searched over 30 million times.

So after a couple of ads this is the first website available.

What do we see here… Blogs.   Now don’t get all excited just yet.  It does take some time to start seeing

some traction from blogging. But if you target the right interest, keywords, etc… You can definitely get alot

of traffic from blogging.


For example: I wrote a blog review of a  company about surveys  because it was a hot topic and many

people were searching for it. I was able to rank first for that keyword  combination.  Instantly saw my email

lists grow over night by over 1,000 subscribers.  The best part about it  was I was able to offer them a

solution to surveys which paid me handsomely as an affiliate.    Seo is crucial when it comes to blogging,

it’s not the hardest thing to do but not the easiest either.   I use WordPress and plugins to help, one

particular plugin I recommend is squirrly seo.  It does all kinds of awesome stuff, even keyword research

for you.


So there you have it… a few things you can start doing today to start seeing some traction in your businesses.  I know you got some value from this blog post… But I really want you to get the “FREE REPORT” I offered you earlier.  There is even more information in that report.  $29,000 in 30 days is pretty awesome.