How To Earn Residual Income Online

How To Earn Residual Income Online

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 20-30 years, you have definitely heard this term of “Residual Income Online”.

Before we get into how You can earn residual income online, let’s discuss exactly what residual income really is.

Alot of times you may see a business venture or product that gives subliminal messages of the potential to earn a residual based income by constantly sharing your product or service with friends and family, as well as connecting with portential business partners via the internet.  Sounds pretty cool right? But did you notice in that prior sentence what I said…”constantly sharing”.

This is the part where is gets a little tricky.  First let me say, I am not talking bad or bashing any particular business or their practices. Just want others to really understand what residual income really is…



Are you REALLY Earning a Residual Income?

In most cases..not really. Here is why… Residual Income means doing something one time and getting paid over and over for it.

Now if you are involves in a company that requires daily recruitment or daily “personal sales” would that not be classified as a JOB! That is really an additional stream of linear income versus residual income.  Throughtout my online career I have been apart of several business ventures that claim residual income, and this is what I have found out.  Linear Income is constantly working and based off your performance, personal sales or recruitment you are paid.  So here is how to differentiate between the two when choosing.

  1. Do you have to constantly sell a product or service to earn an income( listing ebay products, amazon products, sell physical products,  bookings, etc.)
  2. Do you solely have to depend on your own personal performance of recruiting new people into your business daily?

Now those are just a couple question you should ask yourself before assuming you are earning residual income.



How To Choose A TRUE Residual Income Based Company

One of the very first things you want to look at is the compensation plan.

  1.  Does the compensation plan allow you to earn income from the efforts of others that want to be apart of the business?
  2. Is there a pass up or coded system in place?

If those answers are yes, then you are definitely on the right track.  Here is why… How would you like to wake up in the morning knowing you just earned $100-$1000 and sometimes even more, while you were sleeping? That would feel pretty good right? What did you do to earn that income? NOTHING!  That is residual income.  You can enjoy your life while income hits your bank account.  You can expect it!   Sound to good to be true?  Well it’s not.  In fact since you are reading this blog post, that means you are interested in creating this type of lifestyle, maybe? If so, Let me invite you into my world!

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