How to Deal With Online Business Distractions

How to Deal With Online Business Distraction

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“This is the one that is going to change your life”, ” We have the best compensation plan ever designed”, ” Our product cures cancer and drinking this everyday will detox your body”, Lose weight instantly” so on and so forth….

We hear all of this everyday from every company and every product… The question is how can you focus when there are so many different things that you can do.  Well that is the hard part I think for most people.  They see a online business they are passionate about at first, but then they see another and another and so on.  And just have trouble getting any of them off the ground.

Before you get discouraged, listen up.  Yes you can have multiple streams of income for various different niches but before you get on the multiple stream kick, you need to create a result in one business first.  Now me personally I promote and market several products that I believe in and believe will help people like yourself create the result you are looking for.  I also understand online marketing, I invested a lot of time and money into understanding how to get a result online.  Most people have not, or they are given very basic information by their respective uplines in their companies.   It is easy to get distracted because of how pre-framing is done in most companies.  They do it very well, but understand no matter what business you are apart of YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THE WORK!

  • So what I would recommend is focus on one business at a time(until you have mastered traffic generation.)
  • Create a result and once you are comfortable with that result then yes invest into other business that will scale up your income.
  • For example lets say you start of in a business that cost $20.  Once you reach a specific goal you set forth and reach it, then take your profits and re invest that into something that will get a higher return of investment, wash, rinse and repeat.
  • Before you know it you will have created several streams over time that eventually should scale up to a higher ticket product or business.


Using a lower ticket product is a way to fund another higher ticket business.  You should know by  now that you won’t get rich from a product that pays $4, $10, $20 ETC.  BUT that money adds up and can fund a product that pays $500,$700 and even up to $10,000 per sale.  That is working smart.  If I told you that it takes the same effort to sell a $5 product as it does a $10,000 product would you believe me?  Well it’s true… The key is having a target market, but where can you find this target market for your online business?  We will discuss that next…


Social Media and Online Businesonline businessonline businessonline businesss

So unless you are living under a rock somewhere you know that social media marketing has become huge over the past few years.  The reason being.. well Facebook alone has over 2.5 billion users on it at any given point.  So we are going to focus on using Facebook in this particular example.

Marketing on Facebook is good and bad to an extent.  Let’s talk about the bad first.  Well if you don’t know the Facebook algorithm you will suffer.  You will not see much traction and you will not get the result you want.  The way Facebook is setup, they do not like marketers. PERIOD!  So you have to market on Facebook a different way.  You can’t just go posting your link everywhere expecting people to just run to you offer, I wish it was that easy LOL.  If you have a Facebook  Business Page and market your business or product on it, there is a good chance Facebook will shut down your ads account, because they feel like it and they DON’T LIKE MARKETERS.  But there is a way around this.

Now that we have talked about some of the bad, let’s talk about the good.  There really is unlimited potential to creating an income from Facebook.

  •  One of the first things you want to do is connect with people, increase your friends’ list and influence on Facebook.
  •  Join groups that are in the specific niche you are in and connect with those people.
  • Ask(emphasis on “ask”) people if you can add them to your friend’s list and engage.
  • Hold meaning, helpful conversations with people.
  • Start your own Facebook Group
  • Provide value based post, inspiration, motivation, talk about you more than your business, (people are known to follow someone’s vision more so than a company or product, your vision is what makes you stand out amongst the millions of other marketers on Facebook.

As you are building up your influence on Facebook, people will begin to ask you what you do. This is what you want.  I would much rather to work with people who want to be apart of what I am doing than to just have a bunch of people in my business who really don’t want to achieve the same level of success that I am reaching for.  That is what holds your business together.  Culture is very important when building your business, because that is now your network of people that at some point you WILL be working with.  This has also become your target market of potential customers and business partners.  Once you built rapport with these individuals, you won’t have to sell, the selling will be done through engagement of your post and content.

There has been many times that I have received a sale having no idea where is came from except that is was from Facebook.  People on Facebook mostly can tell the new marketer when they get an inbox with your link in it, lol. Honestly this doesn’t help you, unless you have built the rapport where people know , like, and trust you, you are wasting your time and energy.  Even if someone does join you in business for spamming your link chances are they will quit anyway.  Just being honest!

The whole idea is to get your business in front of as many people as possible, so one way you can do this is through facebook PPC.  Check out this Video I found on doing Facebook PPC.

[utm id=39]

 So using that Facebook PPC method as you can see will help you get thousand of people exposed to you opportunity without being a SPAMMER! Now I will warn you, you may want to start with a small budget of $10 a week or something because it does take practice.


So hopefully, I provided some value for you and this brief blog post will help you in building a successful online business.