How it all Begins…

Sick of tired of a job?  Can’t stand someone else telling you what to do? Need more time?

I have pretty much heard it all when it comes to what most people are looking for to bring more meaning to their lives.  The question is it really possible? Well it most certainly is!  In fact if you read this to the end I’m going to show you how you can do it, and from the comfort of your home.


Yea, yea… you have heard this before right? I heard that a lot too! My question is, if you have heard it before why are you still in the same situation as before?  Is it a lack of belief in yourself, or lack of belief that change your life is really possible?  I never was really skeptical about being my own boss in my business, in fact I am quite familiar with running my own businesses which leads us into our first discussion.

Traditional Business vs. Online Business 


So which is better for you? Well only you can answer that question really.  I personally prefer online businesses over traditional businesses. Main reason cost involved.  Back when I had my 2 traditional businesses, my overhead sometimes was as high as $40,000 in a month just depending how good business was going. Interesting right?  The more business I did the cost increased to do business.

Now when I compare to my online business, my cost pretty much stays the same, unless I buy a software tool to automate something… which I love by the way.  The difference between  the two is significant when considering cost.  My start-up cost on my traditional businesses were about $140,000 upfront. My start-up on my online businesses were between $20-$700 depending which business. Considerably less expensive in comparison to traditional business, to make just as much or even more.  The best part is when you learn exactly how to run your online business, it doesn’t matter how many you can have because the principles are the same, the audience is larger and there is no limit to how many customers you can have in several different niches.


The Good Side To Online Businesses

I will start with the good side.  The good side is that when you get your business to the point of momentum it requires less and less work from you to really keep it going.  It almost becomes automated no matter what business you choose.  You will get your time back to do whatever you really want, how you want, and when you want.  You get a chance to make new friends that have the same vision as you, you get a chance to help other people make a change in their lives,(which is one of the most rewarding feelings).  You will establish yourself as an internet celebrity and people will almost beg to be apart of what you are building, because you possess the knowledge and leadership they need to achieve the result they want.  Most importantly, your family will need or want for nothing ever again.


The Bad Side To Online Businesses 

Yes there is a bad side as well.  The bad side is sifting through what works and doesn’t work.  Although there are tons of “internet gurus” that sell mostly re purposed content and information(there is nothing wrong with that by the way) you have to figure out what works best for you. What worked a year ago may not work today, what worked yesterday could change tomorrow.  Finding the right leadership is important as well.  I have seen a lot of people run to the people who are in the top of companies, thinking it will bring them instant success or knowledge being connected to this person.  Well although leverage is good, it doesn’t guarantee your success, and in fact depending how large that person’s organization is, you may feel left out or even feel as if they may not care about your success which can harm your chances of succeeding as well.  Now don’t get me wrong there is much knowledge to learn from “gurus” but some people especially if you have less than 1 year experience may need someone who can be there a bit closer in the beginning of your journey.  Which is ok because everyone has to start somewhere.  There are some negative people who don’t take online business seriously, so you may get people who try to deter you from doing it, because they just don’t understand it.

Picking The Right Business


It’s not as easy as it sounds. Now a days there is a lot of hype built around the hottest newest company always.  Although it maybe new doesn’t mean it’s right for you.  Find something that aligns with your passion and also find someone who is offer to help you with training and mentorship.  This is very important. too many times have I seen people join business opportunities with the “wrong” person, and then they develop a hatred towards their business.  Make sure you are joining in with someone or a group that is going to support you. For example my group ” Billionaire Marketing Group”, I built this team specifically for support and mentorship, everyone on the team has the same knowledge based that has plugged into our training etc. We provide the support and uplifting atmosphere that helps people succeed in their businesses.  Since we lead with value we do this FREE!

I feel like it’s an obligation to help people who join us in business since they click here.   When you are passionate about helping others create their success you just win by default because your vision becomes bigger than just you.

Taking Action 


This is the most difficult part for most people.  Actually going out there and creating a result. Now that you have connected with a mentor and have the training, the most important part is taking action.  This what I experienced myself honestly.  I would get on a training or webinar and get stuck on learning that taking action in my businesses.  So what I found that helps me is setting up a schedule.  Yes that’s right set up a schedule as if you were setting a schedule for an employee, maybe not as strict but definitely a guideline to helping you with tasks you need to complete.

For example: My schedule is pretty much the same everyday.  After I wake up, I do some exercise in the morning to get my blood going, listen to an audio that is inspiring, then get busy, start on social media say hello to friends and followers do a couple engaging post, set up to create some content, whether it is a training, webinar, blog post, etc… Then I market. (I will show you some marketing techniques when you become apart of the team by clicking here.)   This is important because being consistent create a better result for your business.

Some people have an issue moving out of their comfort zone and doing things they have never done before like, video, talking to people they don’t personally know, being part of launch calls, and webinars.  Again these activities help create rapport with potential business partners, being seen is very important to your business.  People must know, like and trust you in order to buy anything from you whether it’s $1 or $10,000. The rapport works the same, the value works the same.

There are some other cool stuff i would like discuss like capture pages, autoresponders, hosting your own websites etc., but that is for a different post we will cover that another day.


Hope you enjoyed this post,