Disrupt Business Opportunity Review– Legit or Another Scam?

Disrupt Business Opportunity Review

Welcome to my review of Disrupt.  I will give my honest unbiased review as a non-affiliated member. For more Information from Disrupt themselves please visit-   Websitewww.lifedisrupted.com

Chances are you have been approached by a member about this new company and you just wanted to do your research before deciding to join.

That’s a great idea!

Too many people jump into business opportunities without doing their diligence and get burnt. So let’s discuss Disrupt.

Disrupt Business Opportunity Review

When discussing Disrupt, one can only think of it’s preceding company WAKE UP NOW!

For those that were not aware Wake Up and Disrupt have the same leadership involved.

Not to say it is a bad thing but it is a fact. Apparently Wake Up Now’s  Leadership thought

it would be  a better idea not to inform it’s business partners  that they would no longer

receive commissions from their company, without notice.  Then proceeded to

lead their people on for months stating they would get paid, needless to say instead

most received a letter of termination.

Thousands of people were NEVER compensated! A few months later you have a NEW company

sprout called DISRUPT.  Upon looking into Disrupt and Wake Up NOW, I found something very

interesting… Have a Look yourself….

jason wakeup_nowjason1

I will let you make your own decision about those pictures.  So is Disrupt going to repeat the same

patterns of Wake Up Now? I can’t say for sure and I sincerely hope that is not the case.  Many in the

MLM industry are apart of it because of achieving freedom, creating a better life for their families and

being able to enjoy life to it’s fullest extent.  Not to be bamboozled and stolen from.  Not to say that

is what happened but it sure looks that way from the outside.


Most of the leadership that were in WUN are in this company and it involves the following people…

  • Former Wake Up Now President Jason Elrod
  • Rea Nichols
  • Daryl Kingston Djuan
  • Gustavo Zapz
  • Chaycen Green
  • Antonio Unemployable Johnson
  • Fluent Cash Flow (Nick name of course)
  • Justin Hoffman

You will also notice the products are almost exactly the same as WUN and let’s get into that next….

Disrupt  Business Opportunity Review – The Product Line


Like I said earlier, the products are very similar to Wake Up Now offering many products and services with monthly subscriptions.

Digital Health ($34.95 per month)

Gives you access to “doctor on call” phone service and “My eWellness” fitness planner.

Disrupt Travel ($54.95 per month)

Get access to travel discounts mainly through third party travel providers.  There is an activation fee for this but couldn’t find it anywhere.

Eastern Health and Wealth ($149.95 per month)

This is the Disrupt Travel subscription bundled with an “online language learning system” and monthly supply of “Pure innovation Restore”, which is a health product made from apple and argan stem-cells.

Western Health and Wealth ($129.95 per month)

Again this is the Disrupt Travel subscription bundled with the “online language learning system” and “Perfect Skin RX oil”, which nourishes your skin.

Money Bundle ($19.95 per month)

Get access to a “Personal financial management tool”, “Taxbot Software”, a “wealth management program” and Finance 101, which is a collection of 9 mini-courses on everything for savings and checking accounts to investing, credit cards and mortgages.

Disrupt Essentials ($79.95 per month)

Combination of Disrupt Travel Subscription with Disrupt Money package.

Disrupt Essentials Plus Bundle ($109.95 per month)

This combines the Digital Health subscription with Disrupt Essentials.

International Essentials ($79.95 per month)

This is Disrupt Travel combination with Online language learning system.

Health and Wealth Bundle ($129.95 per month)

This combines the Money Bundle, Disrupt Travel and Digital Health subscriptions with a case of Thunder energy drink.

Other than the Thunder Energy Drink, everything else is done through a third party company…

So Disrupt doesn’t really have their “own” products except for the energy drink…  Just asking?

I just wanted to point that out.  So how does anyone make money in Disrupt?  Let’s check it out..


Disrupt  Business OpportunityReview – The Compensation Plan

Like all  network marketing companies, you earn commissions on all product sales… and recruiting

So instead of me trying to explain the compensation plan, let’s get Disrupt to explain it

NOTE:  I do NOT endorse this video, it’s for education purposes only.


You will notice there is a ton of hype in the video because many of the members are from “WakeUpNow” which was just…hype lol.

Alright the moment you have been waiting for…

Disrupt Review – The Verdict

After reviewing the company, I can’t say it is a scam because it does have products and services…

However, it is VERY closely following what Wake Up Now did and look where that ended up (Collapsed).

I would definitely wait at least 6-10 months before even considering this company and see where it’s going…


As much as I enjoy the network marketing industry I personally will have to pass on Disrupt!


The reason I am showing people this is because I am sick and tired of people failing network marketing…

Most people think there is no other way…

I am here to show you that road to profits….

There is another way!


Let me show you CLICK HERE!

I hope you enjoyed. Have a blessed day!