Who is Eric Greene?


Hey there, First let me say thank you for visiting my site.  So who is this Eric Greene guy?

I am a fulltime online entrepreneur currently residing in Orlando, Florida…

until I feel like moving again that is.  I am a father to 3

wonderful children who are my world, I love them so much and they are the main

reason for all of this really. I am just a regular guy with a high standard of living. I

really just enjoy life and all it has to offer, but it wasn’t always like that.  For a while it

got kind of rough. In fact, I would say more than rough. See I started life like most

people do. You know go to school then get a good JOB! This is what I was told just

like most people are implanting into their children’s heads.  I knew I was different, I

wasn’t like everyone else.  In fact, my mother would tell you that I always had a nak

for selling something. I remember I was around 5 or 6 and I was always focused on

creating some type of income.  But you will soon learn that was expected the more

you read. I really couldn’t stand working for anyone to be honest. I just had a problem

with anyone telling me what to do. When I could go eat, when I could spend time with

my children, when I could go on vacations, etc.  I didn’t feel as if it was anyone right

to tell me how to spend my time.  I wanted to do what I wanted to do without

restrictions. In 2004-05 I started my first online business and was successful with it,

but my wife at the time was not pleased with my “hobby” as she called it. Yet it was

making money, against my better judgement when I was around the age of 25ish

maybe 26, I  purchased my first traditional  business.  Now my story gets interesting

keep reading.   I was naturally a problem solver, in fact I became an ASE Master

certified technician in the car industry. I used to love tearing down old cars, fixing

them, making them faster, painting cars etc.. That is how I came about buying my

first traditional businesses. I figured well since I make tons of money in someone

else’s vision it was time to create my own. Boy was that a learning lesson!


Although I no longer have those businesses I did quite well for an non-average kid

with no college experience. I created a million dollar income in a very short period of

time before 30 years old to be exact. I still remember when I opened my second shop

the first week my company created $40,000 in sales with a 63% profit margin. The

funny this is I was creating my own reality before really understanding what that

really meant.  Then something happened…. There was a shift in the economy, people

stopped buying the services my company offered, and it just kind of went down hill

from there and before I knew it I ended up losing everything. Houses, cars, jewelry,

most importantly I lost my confidence and self esteem.  It was probably one of the

most painful experiences I have experienced so far. Yes, I know it was just material

possessions but I really didn’t care too much for those things, I cared more about

being able to provide for my 3 children, that was the real worry.  They had become

used to a certain lifestyle, and it was all ripped away. So I had to figure out something

and fast! I went on a search for a job, reverting back to my old belief system thinking I

needed a job to create income. Needless to say that didn’t go to well. I worked a job

for a little while and couldn’t see eye to eye with the management. Given I had the

experience and skill to run a business and build a car for the ground up, a lot of

people became intimidated by that. I remembered a while ago in 2004 when I first

started in the online business arena and how successful I was then, so I thought to

myself I can definitely go back to doing that again.  So I did and I wasn’t prepared for

what happened next… The online business niche had changed drastically since ’04

and I basically had to start from scratch all over again.  So I started buying

educational product after product and so on. I invested thousands of dollars into my

education, in fact I was even told to pawn my jewelry and different things I had left

just so I could buy more products.. I still laugh at that today. So after hours, days of

late nights and studying, months of testing and trying this and that.  I finally started to

create a result, but found one major problem in the home based business arena. No

one really gave a crap about helping you. After running into that issue a few times, I

made a decision. That decision was to focus on helping struggling entrepreneurs in

the HBB arena get the results they wanted. I built a community around just that,

support and education.


I called it Billionaire Marketing Group. Today as I am writing this post, I have built a

very successful team that gets average everyday people the results in creating the

life they want. Whether it is someone completely new and more experienced,

something happens when people connect with us in our community, they just go out

and win! One of the major things I learned on this journey so far is that no matter

what you are doing, if your mindset isn’t right you WILL NEVER create any success.


You may be in a difficult situation right now or maybe just looking for a change but

understand this you are exactly where you are suppose to be at this very moment.

That’s just how life works. It teaches you something with every experience to give

you strength and or understanding. Your life will change the moment you decide for it


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