5 Steps To Building Your Own Brand


5 Steps To Building Your Own Brand

Personal branding is becoming increasingly important because modern

audiences tend to trust people more than corporations. Audiences are used to seeing

advertising everywhere, and tend to believe corporations and organizations take

actions and speak with only sales in mind. Personal branding allows you to establish

a reputation and an identity while still maintaining a personal level of trust and

interaction, usually through social media. People want to do business with other

people, not with companies. Putting a strong personal brand in front of your sales

process can dramatically improve conversion rates. Meaning more connections,

customers, and sales for your business.


Step 1- What are you good at?  

Determining your expertise is important in creating your brand. Outside of selling

your  product, what are you good at? Do you know how to generate traffic, specialize

in  paid advertising, great at speaking? It doesn’t really matter what you are good at,

there is someone that is in need of your services to help them get a better result in

their business.  It’s best to develop yourself in a very specific niche. With a niche

focus, you’ll have more opportunities to prove you know what you’re talking about,

and while your potential audience might be slightly smaller, it will also be that much

more relevant. If you are great social media traffic, your brand could be built around

that particular niche and so on.


5 Steps To Building Your Own Brand

Step 2. Are you creating content?

Content marketing is the best way to build a brand and reputation online; when

people look for information, they tend to go back to sources that were helpful to them.

If you can become a trusted source of information through your content, over time

you’ll become collectively known as the expert of your specific field. It’s best to start

your own blog and update it on a regular (at least weekly) basis.  What better way to

get your brand out there for more people to see. Blogging will help tremendously, and

the best part is a blog can be setup very inexpensive if not free.  Wordpress.org

offers versus templates allowing you to personalize your blog to your liking.


Step 3. Get your content on Social Media

Social media platforms are great for getting new followers and subscribers to your

content. Once you have created your content share amongst your social media

platforms. Given your content is relevant to your audiences needs, you will gain new

followers and possibly even new customers of your brand. It also will establish you as

the authority in your particular niche. In fact there is a free tool that I like to use in

order to share my content across all of my social media platforms at one time. The

tool is Hoot Suite.  Hoot Suite has versus different options from free to paid, the

major difference between free and paid, is how many social media platforms you can

share your content with.  For more information you can visit-www.hootsuite.com

5 Steps To Building Your Own Brand


Step 4. Show up in your business

I highly recommend if given the opportunity to speak at any event when possible.

This could be with a phone presentation, webinar, or even live events.  It will help

your brand and ultimately your business significantly. Why?  People love real stories

more than promises or speculation, so prove what you’ve done by giving them

digestible case studies. No… You don’t have to be an expert speaker. Just be you

and give your story of what you have done. Your “vision”, your “why”, etc.. Along with

any struggles and success that you have had. People will resonate with your story.

You have to get over the fear that most people have if you plan to build a successful

brand and business.


Step 5. Network

The key to sparking growth in your personal brand is networking. You must network.

Engage with other individuals in your field, social influencers who have many

connections, and anybody else who could be valuable in helping you spread the

word about your expertise. Attend professional networking events to meet influencers

in your area, and in the online world, engage in community discussions whenever

you can. The more opportunities you have to meet people and talk, the better.

Once you lay the groundwork and plant the seeds, you’ll be in a great position to

eventually reap the benefits. However, it still takes time and dedication to nurture and

expand your creation. As you continue to develop your personal brand, stay

consistent with your efforts, pay close attention to how your audience responds to

your content, and hone your direction until your focus is razor sharp.

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