5 Network Marketing Myths TRUTH REVEALED…


5 Network Marketing Myths TRUTH REVEALED…

In network marketing there are a few myths that I wanted to EXPOSE. Actually I would call them more of misunderstandings.

Myth #1– “Lottery Mentality”

If you think for one second that when you join a network marketing company you will be swimming in wealth overnight or even 30 days from when you join, you have the “lottery winner mentality”

Truth- Network Marketing is a way to change your life..Yes! Will it happen overnight..NO! It takes work that is the part most people forget. It is call net-“work” marketing for a reason. With the correct mentorship, hard work, constant learning and most of implementation, it can change your situation tremendously.  Understand that the average network marketers has about 2.7 business partners..ever! These are the people that are not very aggressive and just hang around for the culture and possibilities of what they can achieve, but yet never scale up or take risk to do bigger ad better things.

Myth#2– Joining the “Leader”

Joining the top person will guarantee your success… This is hilarious, but some people believe it.

Truth- Again network marketing requires work on your part not your sponsor. A sponsor or leader is there to guide you along the way to help you create the success you desire. Without the proper training, coaching etc.. It doesn’t matter who you join. Typically speaking joining someone who can give you value is what is most important. Utilizing a system, training, availability. Too many times have I seen people join a “leader” in this industry promising the world. Once they join it’s a different story, if you would be lucky to even get a response in an email. Understand the top leader in whatever business you are joining has thousands if not millions of people in their organization.  Instead of joining the top person join someone who has access to the top person that can give you the attention you still need.  Keep in mind the reason that person in on the leader boards or reached a particular rank so quickly, chances are they already had an existing network from a prior business that they brought with them to their current business. You need to build YOUR network!



5 Network Marketing Myths TRUTH REVEALED…


Myth#3 ” You shouldn’t have to pay to start with network marketing”

Once again this is just dumb!

Truth- Network Marketing is an opportunity for you to change your life. The company will pay you on personal and team production.  No matter what network marketing business you are involved with or thinking of,  there should be a monthly auto-ship with that business. The monthly auto-ship gives you the ability to earn more money, as most companies will pay you residualy for team members that have joined you, and product sales. Part of this money also goes to the company so it can continue to improve on products and services that you offer resulting in more income for you. Remember the company could have just paid a major media platform to advertise the business for them and done well, instead they decided to help people and give them a chance to earn a substantial income.

Myth#4 “Talk to your friends and family first”

Chances are if you are new or haven’t really had any success this is not wise to do.

Truth- Your friends and family need to see you create a result first in most cases, especially if they are unsure or unsupportive of what you are doing. Don’t lose your friends and family over your business it’s not worth it.  Understand that you are entering into a totally different arena than what most people are used to including friends and family. Create results in your business, set the example for your family and friends first. Let them come to you.  Unless they are supportive of network marketing, some friends and family will be standoffish when they see you coming around that will create an awkward situation. But all in all you know your family and friends best.  This is generally speaking.

Myth#5  “Be the first to join”

This is a statement constantly used when a new company is pre-launching or launching.

Truth- Now is it really beneficial to join first, well yes and no. If the company really takes off it can be very beneficial but you won’t know until you start crossing $25,000 per month consistently for at least a couple of years. I would definitely recommend living within your means regardless of additional income. If it is a newer company it could be a bad situation if it never takes off like expected and you could take a loss. Research is definitely your friend.  But, again that is why we are entrepreneurs, we take the risks others won’t to live how others can’t.

Well I hope you enjoyed the Myth Buster blog post and it gave you some things to consider.


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